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Matts Philosophy

Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching Academy - Philosophy & Syllabus

Player’s Character

• Be confident and brave in possession.
• Show desire and determination.
• Display enthusiasm and encourage your team players. Be competitive (have the will to win).
• No sulking or showing a negative attitude.
• Show composure in all situations.
• When conceding goals, sustain a good attitude.

Player in Possession

• Individual player to have the ability to keep possession in tight areas.
• Take responsibility, do not just kick the ball out of play.
• Quality of composed possession for all players.
• Express yourself as a player without fear.
• Become a decision maker who chooses the right option at the right time.

Player without Possession

• Show a desire to win the ball back.
• Have a strong mental attitude to stay focussed.
• Maintain good body strength when competing and tackling.
• Show a willingness to go that extra yard to ‘put your body on the line’.

The Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching ‘Philosophy & Syllabus’ is vital to our sessions and beliefs.

Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching offers a unique approach to coaching young players the game of football.
Our Coaches, Parents and Players all embrace the Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching Philosophy and style.

Matt and his Coaching Team are committed and dedicated to the ‘Play With Freedom’ style that helped Matt score all of his stunning goals for Southampton FC. Remember, if you don’t try, you’ll never know!!!
Our ‘Philosophy’ has strong links with Matt’s special style of play, his thoughts on how football should be coached along with his  involvement in designing the unique ‘Session Plans’ to maximise player enjoyment.

Our ‘Syllabus’ at Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching has been designed to offer all the Players who have been ‘Invited’ the opportunity to be coached as if they were in a Professional Football Club Academy. It is founded on encouraging all of them to play with freedom, a smile on their face, as they learn and understand about decision making, trying different things both on and off the ball and being prepared to try and try again in a positive environment, with Matt;'s coaches who all encourage the right behaviour.

Matt Le Tissier, was renowned for his fantastic skills, vision, a scorer of spectacular goals and all of our sessions are built on those attributes, which are vital ingredients within the modern game. We look to encourage positive, natural play whilst at the same time offering advice and coaching on the technical aspects of the modern game.

Every Player will have the opportunity to express themselves, have fun with the Ball at their Feet, Work on Control, Soft First Touch, Ball Manipulation, Skills, Turns, Dribbling, Passing and of course Shooting, along with specialist Goalkeeper Coaching.

Another key factor at Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching is for our players to see pictures on the pitch, as early as possible. Our sessions are based on vision and awareness so our players have an idea of what to do with the ball even before they receive it.

Over the course of the season Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching will provide exciting Academy Level Football Coaching.

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Matt’s Philosophy
Matt's Philosophy is unique and Matt's "Aims & Objectives" is delivering to every child, a "Natural Coaching" programme, which is providing opportunities for everyone attending to be guided into a Professional Football Club.

About MLT Natural Coaching
Matt was renowned for his fantastic skills, vision and scorer of spectacular goals and our sessions are planned around this style of play. We look to encourage positive, "natural" play...

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