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Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching

Football Development Centres
(Wyvern FDC, Fair Oak - Toynbee FDC, Chandlers Ford)

Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching Football Development Centre
Training Times from Monday 8th May 2017

Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching Football Development Centre returns on Monday 8th May and runs throughout the Academic Year.

Year 1 2 3 & 4 Register in Wyvern Sports Hall, Fair Oak ... Register at 5.10pm   
Outfield Coaching & Specialst Goalkeeper Sessions available (please bring GK gloves for this)
Sessions Start 5.15pm – 6.45pm
On MUGA/Sports Hall.
Both Trainers & Boots can be worn, no metal studs are allowed on the 3G Pitch at Wyvern

Year 5 6 7 8 9 10 & 11    at Toynbee School, Chandlers Ford ... Regiser at 5:10pm
Outfield Coaching & Specialist Goalkeeper Sessions available (please bring GK gloves for this)
Sessions Start 5.15pm – 6.45pm
On 3G Pitch

Both Trainers & Boots can be worn, no metal studs are allowed on the 3G Pitch at Toynbee

The Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching FDC is  the “only route” into  “MLTNC on Wednesday’s” Jody Rivers, Francis Benali & Pele, Head Coaches at MLT Natural Coaching Academy are involved in running Sessions on Monday’s. This will allow every Player an opportunity to benefit from the excellent coaching on Monday’s and forge closer links with and feed players into MLTNC on Wednesday’s, as and when opportunities arise.

                          “110 Players training on Monday’s have been invited into MLTNC”  

We utilise the fantastic facilities available at Wyvern Technology College & Toynbee School to create a positive attitude and environment, encouraging every player that attends our sessions to improve as a footballer and a person.

We welcome familiar and new faces to enjoy and develop their football skills with the MLTNC Coaching Team on Monday’s, so please come along and recommend us to your friends.

“See You All On Monday’s”

Quality Football Coaching - “Exclusively Feeds MLTNC On Wednesday’s”


11 Weeks - £110.00
You are welcome to join us after the 1st session & the remaining Session Costs are as follows:
10 Weeks - £100.00
9 Weeks - £90..00
8 Weeks - £80.00                               Please Feel Free To Pay Online, below
7 Weeks - £70.00
6 Weeks - £60.00
5 Weeks - £50.00
4 Weeks (Minimum Session Payment) - £40.00

(plus an additional £60 for new boys personalised Nike Training Kit)

11 Weeks Monday Training Schedule      8th May - 24th July 2017

Please Note:- Monday Training will re-commence in September 2017    (Mark it in your Diary)

1.  8th May 4.  5th June 8.  3rd July                  JOIN US AT
2.  15th May 5.  12th June 9.  10th July           WYVERN COLLEGE
3.  22nd May 6. 19th June 10. 17th July       FOR OUR SUMMER HOLS
 HT SOCCER SCHOOL! 7.  26th June 11.  24th July           SOCCER SCHOOLS



Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching Football Development Centre Registration Form 2016/2017

Childs Name:
Gender: (boy or girl)
Date Of Birth:
School Year Group:
Current Football Club(s), Division & League:
Playing Position: (if GK please indicate here)
Favourite Team:
Favourite Player:
Email Address:
Home Telephone Number:
Emergency Contact Number:
Contact’s Name / Relationship with Child:
Medical Conditions:
(Please include any Medication Prescribed)
Name and Telephone Number of Family Doctor:
Would you be interested in attending a
MLTNC Soccer School?: (Yes or No)
MLTNC Coaches are available for “Football Birthday
Parties” are you Interested in Booking?: (Yes or No)

Please pay for these sessions by your Mobile or via Online Payment to our Account
MLT Natural Coaching Ltd Bank Account Number:-                                         22640762
Bank Sort Code:-                                                                                                      522118
Please ensure You Quote a Reference & include your child’s name.
Example If attending Wyvern WYV/Child’s name:-                                            WYV/S Phillips
Example If attending Salisbury TOY/Child’s name:-                                           TOY/S Phillips

All Children to bring appropriate footwear shin pads and non-fizzy drinks

Trainers Only required for Year 1, 2, 3 & 4 at Wyvern, bringing suitable outdoor clothing if wet.

Both Trainers & Football Boots Required for Year 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 at Toynbee, along with suitable outdoor Clothing.

           **I understand that no liability in respect of loss or damage to personal property or effects
                          is accepted by Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching Ltd or their servants
              whilst the above named person is attending the MLTNC Football Development Centre**

Important Notice:-    Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching Ltd has a “No Refund Policy”

Full Payment should be received on or before Monday 8th May 2017.
                    Players are welcome to attend after 8th May, however
               Full Payment for them will be based on the number of remaining sessions they attend

Fitted Kitchens Leeds

Matt’s Philosophy
Matt's Philosophy is unique and Matt's "Aims & Objectives" is delivering to every boy, a "Natural Coaching" programme, which is providing opportunities for everyone attending to be guided into a Professional Football Club.

Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching

About MLT Natural Coaching
Matt was renowned for his fantastic skills, vision and scorer of spectacular goals and our sessions are planned around this style of play. We look to encourage positive, "natural" play...

Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching

Birthday Parties
Matt Le Tissier Natural coaching is hosting BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!! The birthday party will consist of lots of FOOTBALL and FUN! TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND BRING THEM ALONG IF THEY LOVE FOOTBALL AND TOO MUCH FUN!!!

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