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Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching

Education & Child Welfare at Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching Academy

Mark Borham - Education & Child Welfare Officer

My love of football started when I use to watch Norwich as a youngster. My dream was to play for the Canaries but although I had trials and played for my county Essex it wasn’t to be so I decided if I couldn’t play professionally I would help and teach others to become the best they could be and realise their dreams.

I trained as a teacher at Winchester University qualifying with a Bachelor of Education with Honours. I have subsequently taught sport for over twenty years in Hampshire and I was part of the Senior Leadership Team at Fair Oak Junior School up to June 2018.

I have seen the vital role that sport can play in a person’s life and that inspired me to train and gain a diploma in Sports Psychology from Newcastle University. This has enabled me to experience and understand how the mind and attitude can affect sporting performance. I have always believed that sport not only provides a physical focus for a person but can also really help to develop an individual’s character.

I believe that the Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching programme provides a fantastic opportunity for young players to not only develop their sporting skills and techniques but also foster and create an attitude that they can take with them for the rest of their lives.

“Sport is a powerful tool but without the right attitude, beliefs and values it counts for very little.”

This holistic approach, concerned about the whole child’s development and welfare is a refreshing approach.

I am delighted to be able to help support the Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching Programme and develop a partnership between players, coaches, parents and schools.

MLTNC Football Education Programme

Matt Le Tissier wants to offer our Players a more detailed and informative insight into football, which we believe will enhance our Boys as players and equally importantly to Matt and Our Team, as young people in everyday life.

This programme is designed by our own unique styled MLTNC approach with input from Mark Borham, MLTNC Child Welfare and Education Officer.

Over the course of the season, our Players will work in fun, classroom based workshops, on the following topics:

1. Dealing with Negativity in Football and Life
2. Team Building and Developing Trust
3. Qualities of a Professional Footballer
4. Pre-Match Preparation and Diet
5. Tactical Understanding
6. Open Surgery - Understanding MLTNC
7. Post Match Analysis

Matt and The MLTNC Team believe it is vital to give our Players the opportunity to think and share ideas about the game of football. MLTNC will implement our own, unique programme from researching several highly regarded Football Academies in Europe, including FC Barcelona, AC Milan and Bayern Munich.

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Matt’s Philosophy
Matt's Philosophy is unique and Matt's "Aims & Objectives" is delivering to every boy, a "Natural Coaching" programme, which is providing opportunities for everyone attending to be guided into a Professional Football Club.

About MLT Natural Coaching
Matt was renowned for his fantastic skills, vision and scorer of spectacular goals and our sessions are planned around this style of play. We look to encourage positive, "natural" play...

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